The farmers at Full Belly would like to think that we are famous for our melons. The arrive just when we need them the most - when the hot summer seems endless, the crispness of spring has left the air, and we are all looking at a VERY long August ahead. We grow many different varieties of melons, all of them unique in shape and flavor. Melons should be stored on your counter top until you are ready to eat them (although if they are very ripe you can refrigerate them to stop the ripening process.) Watermelons don't ripen off  the vine, and their texture suffers if they are refrigerated too long and too cold so it is best to refrigerate them only once opened.

We really try our best to make sure you get a good melon, but it can be hard to tell from the outside how it’ll be inside. If you find it to be a little lackluster, there are a few ways to help it out. Popular ideas are a small amount of salt (really! Check out this article.), some acidity (lemon or lime juice), or herbs, like mint or basil. Another idea is to chop it into chunks, freeze, and then make a smoothie/slushy with the frozen chunks, potentially also adding a little bit of fresh fruit or juice, sweetener of your choice, and perhaps some herbs, like mint or basil. Melons also make a refreshing juice which can always be turned into popsicles.  


Ambrosia and Goddess: Looks and tastes a lot like a cantaloupe - but don't let it trick you! The "netting" on the skin of an ambrosia or goddess melon is not as raised as that of a cantaloupe and the flesh is softer. Ambrosia and goddess melons have a very fruity flavor and are delicious in smoothies!

Galia: Green flesh and kind of a tropical flavor, the galia is a refreshing melon for any occasion.

Canary: Canary melons have bright yellow skin and a crisp, super-sweet creamy-colored flesh. 

Cantaloupe: These melons, with their raised netting and distinctive flavor, hold one of the highest levels of vitamin A for among fruit. Cantaloupes are also an excellent source of potassium. Eat them up! Yum!

Honeyloupe: A cross between a honeydew and cantaloupe, Honeyloupe are crisp, flavorful, and sweet. The skin on these melons is smooth and pale. 

Watermelons (Crimson Sweet, Mickey Lee, Orchid, Little Baby, and Yellow Doll): Our watermelons come in all sizes and colors- and are seriously delicious! Crimson Sweets are red fleshed, Mickey Lees are red fleshed. Orchids are orange flesh, yellow dolls are bright yellow fleshed, Little Baby's are red flesh and quite small.

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Available: July - September