tender greens

We grow several soft, tender greens. These are greens that are great raw in a salad or lightly cooked. Be warned - they shrink quite a lot when cooked and only need light heat to cook. They should be stored in the refrigerator in a bag that will keep them from wilting.

Arugula: Arugula is a spicy green- the perfect addition to a salad. It pairs nicely with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar!  Eat it raw or lightly wilted.

Lettuce: head over to our lettuce page for recipe and storage tips.

Mizuna: Mizuna is a member of the mustard family but is much more mild and sweet than some of the other mustard varieties. We grow three varieties: all green, all purple, and green with a purple stem. It can be wilted in a frying pan and seasoned  lightly- it is very tasty!

Spinach: We grow loose spinach and bunched spinach, all of it incredibly sweet. Did you know that spinach is related to beets and chard? You can find spinach-specific recipes on our spinach page, but most, if not all, of the recipes on this page will work with spinach.

Again all greens should be stored in a refrigerator with something that will help keep in the moisture. If they do start to wilt, don't despair - they can be revived with cold water: if the greens come in a head (like lettuce) cut the base about 1/2", or separate leaves from base entirely. Submerge leaves and stems in cold water, making sure that any cut ends are fully submerged. If you're in a hurry, try adding some ice cubes to the water and then soak for at least 30 minutes. Note that heavy and extremely wilted leaves may take more time. This tip does not work for leaves that have already yellowed or become slimy. If some leaves are too far gone, try removing those and soaking the remaining leaves that are still intact. Thanks to StopFoodWaste for the tips!

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Available: January - December