Basil is an essential component to most summertime meals at Full Belly. We grow it in between rows of eggplant so that we have a place for the tractor to go when we're harvesting from the tall eggplant plants in the middle of summer.

Basil doesn't like to be cold; the best way to store it is in a glass of water, like you would a bouquet of flowers, and many people recommend covering with a plastic bag to keep in the moisture, though take it off to breathe if it builds up too much condensation. Stored this way, it can last up to two weeks! You can also store dry in the refrigerator, but it won't last as long.

Basil can go to flower quite easily; if you get basil with flowers, the leaves are still edible, and the flowers can be enjoyed too, as a garnish or in any dish, and they can be used to make teas or flavor oils.

Available: June - October