If you are interested in spending a year at Full Belly Farm learning how to farm, please fill out an internship application. Hiring is done on a rolling, as-needed basis.

Full Belly interns live and work on the farm, experiencing many facets of our diverse organic operation. For example, interns usually go to one farmers market or delivery per week. This may involve getting up before the sun (like at 3AM for example)! There is also usually a day or more in the packing shed, washing, packing and organizing produce. Other tasks include weeding, taking care of the animals, writing the weekly note for the CSA boxes, planting seeds in the greenhouse, special projects and field work. If education interests you, and you are lucky, you will be able to assist with the on-farm educational programs which include overnight visits to our farm from local schools.

“Each intern has left a mark on the farm, being integrated into not only the farm processes – where they learn about production of everything from arugula to eggs – but also into the lives of those who live and work here.”
– Paul Muller, Partner

The rhythm of the farm varies with the seasons. From June through October, the days are very long, often with trucks to load and more tasks to complete than there is time to get them done. This is not a job for someone who is uncomfortable around hard work! It gets hot here in the summer, but it is dry heat, and we can always cool down in the creek that runs along one border of the farm.

We ask that interns make at least a one year commitment to our farm. Only by seeing the changes of the seasons and the different rhythms and smells and experiences that each new season brings, will an intern get a sense of what farming is about. We are looking for people who are serious about agriculture, food, or farming as a career path. This year-long commitment is education-filled, and is the equivalent to a year at a trade school or college. Please keep this in mind when deciding to apply.

Those of us who live on the farm share at least one meal a day. In fact, one of the jobs for interns is usually to cook lunch once a week and clean up afterwards. The food is stupendous, a big perk of living here. There are living quarters at the farm, a washroom with a shower, a laundry, and a community kitchen, so it is important for prospective interns to be comfortable sharing their living spaces with other people.

Interns are hired on a rolling basis, with start times spread throughout the year. It is important for interns to commit for an entire year. Due to the extensive training and energy we give to our interns, short term internships are not currently available. Many interns choose to stay on for longer than a year.

If you are interested in a Full Belly Farm internship, please fill out our application . Interns are hired on a rolling basis, there is not one set start date. We receive well over 500 applications for our five available positions, so please be patient with our process. If we are interested in having you visit Full Belly for an interview, we will contact you. It’s best if you can visit us at the farm, meet with the partners and talk to current interns to make sure that the experience will suit you. 

We enjoy the experience of opening up our homes and work life to people who want to learn about sustainable agriculture and contribute to our community. Although it can get pretty hectic around here, we always appreciate a new set of hands, a fresh perspective, and the good times and fun that our interns bring!