Jenna’s Homemade Vinaigrette

Salad dressing is so easy, I’m not sure why I’m famous for it around these parts.  Bear with me on the quantities.  This is an inexact science, and I usually just eyeball the ratios in the jar rather than measure the ingredients.

- Jenna Muller


Good quality olive oil
Vinegar or lemon juice.  I use whatever I have on hand, preferably red wine or lemon juice, but apple cider, champagne, or white wine vinegar work equally as well.
Sea Salt/Pepper
Shallots , Onions, Green Garlic, or Dried Garlic – finely chopped
Stone Ground Mustard (sometimes)
Honey or something a little sweet (sometimes)
Fresh herbs, i.e. tarragon or thyme (sometimes)


This is easiest to make in a jar, of any size.  I usually use an 8 oz. mason jar.  I fill it about ½ full with olive oil, and then another ¼ full with the vinegar or lemon juice.  At this point, you can either season with salt and pepper, put the lid on the jar and shake well, or you can add in any of the extra ingredients, followed by the salt and pepper.  I often add about a tablespoon of good mustard with a teaspoon of honey, and fresh herbs and/or shallots are also lovely if you’ve got them on hand!  The acid in this dressing will wilt the lettuce fairly quickly, so don’t dress your salad  too long before serving.  Enjoy!