watermelon art


Our watermelons come in all sizes and colors. All are seriously delicious, and all have seeds. We only grow seeded watermelon. All are sweet, juicy, and seriously delicious! We currently grow Crimson Sweet, Orchid, Sugar Baby, Yellow Doll, Estrella. Crimson Sweets, Sugar Baby, and Estrellas are red. Sugar Babies (in the photo below) are quite small, Estrellas are large and oblong, and Crimson Sweet are a medium/large oval melon. Orchids (in the photo below) are orange fleshed and Yellow Dolls have bright yellow flesh.

Watermelons don't ripen off the vine, so any of our watermelons will be ripe and ready to go!

Watermelons should be kept in a cool spot and will keep for 7-10 days. They should not be stored in the refrigerator until right before you are ready to eat them because if they are refrigerated for too long, the flesh gets mealy.

Sugar Baby 

Yellow DollPhoto credit: Tanya Tran (@FeedTheThrill)


Crimson Sweet | Estrella | Orchid | Sugar Baby, Yellow Doll, Estrella
Available: July - September