We grow Royal Blenheim apricots, a treasured heirloom variety that makes up in flavor what it may lack in looks and durability. 

They are considered one of the most flavorful apricot varieties out there, with some calling them the "pinot noir of apricots." They are fragile fruit with delicate skin that bruises easily so they are rarely available in stores and supermarkets. More about their history here

Blenheims ripen from the inside out and might have a slight green tinge on their shoulders - this green color is unique to this variety and doesn't mean that they're underripe. They should be stored stem side down on a flat surface, ideally on the counter. They ripen fast, so keep an eye on them, and since they ripen from the inside, keep in mind that they don’t need to be very soft to be ripe.

We also dry our apricots and make apricot jam, both of which allow you to enjoy apricots after the summer harvest ends. You can acquire both at our Farmers Markets, through our online Farm Shop, at select stores, and via the CSA.

In addition to Royal Blenheims, we also grow a very small amount of apriums, a plum/apricot hybrid (75% apricot and 25% plum).

Available: June - August