asian pears

asian pears

Full Belly's Asian Pears are a tasty fall treat. We grow Hosui, Shinseiki, and 20th Century varieties. Asian pears are the oldest known cultivated pear and are a great source of fiber and vitamin C.

Hosui are golden-bronze with thicker, russeted (rough) skins, Shinseiki are yellow and smooth, and 20th Century have green-yellow skin (like a gold delicious apple). All are sweet, juicy, and crisp. Asian pears are also sometimes called "apple pears" as their texture often resembles an apple.

Please handle Asian pears carefully- they bruise quite easily! Whole, unwashed Asian pears will keep 1 to 2 weeks when stored at room temperature and up to three months when stored in the refrigerator. Asian pears will continue to ripen after picking, so if you’re not going to get to them quickly, keep them in the refrigerator—but let them come back up to room temperature before eating for best flavor.

Hosui | Shinseiki | 20th Century
Available: August - September