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News from the Farm | May 6, 2024

This week we have a poem recently written by resident poet-farmer Becca Muller. She and her husband, Rye, welcomed their fourth child, Juno Lune, last December. Happy Spring! And happy Mother’s Day!

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News From the Farm | June 8, 2020

My name is Hannah Muller and I am a second generation Full Belly Farmer. I also run Instagram accounts for both the Farm and our floral business. In light of the killing of George Floyd, and our ever-growing concern towards police brutality and racism we believe that food and flowers aren’t the only things we should be sharing. I have been using our social media platforms to encourage others to support the Black Lives Matter movement, to listen to the voices of black farmers and activists, and to learn how to be a better ally.  In response, someone told me I shouldn’t use our platform to express personal beliefs, because flowers are supposed to be happy. This was my response. [Read more…]