News from the Farm | May 6, 2024

This week we have a poem recently written by resident poet-farmer Becca Muller. She and her husband, Rye, welcomed their fourth child, Juno Lune, last December. Happy Spring! And happy Mother’s Day!

I find myself 
at each day’s end
running the edge of our land
her hills and dales,
flats and curves

some days I run furrows
and shady orchard rows

scents of citrus bloom and lilac
perfuming every step
strawberries kiss my feet
snapdragons bow to my breeze
I can reach for a peach
a creamy apricot

it’s so simple
an oft forgotten thrill

our land she is
so generous
when we give her all we’ve got

our family feels
the gravity
to be the tribe who tends her

the oaks, our elders
bend their elbows
pointing toward the river
so we sow our seeds
praise the bees
and go down in the water
to pray

we keep our children close and wild
teaching them to teach themselves
how far they’ll fly
knowing well where they came from

on the subject of stars
we are one with ours
her majesty
the sun
with her, we rise and set again
on her, we depend
with reverence

now and then we journey
to faraway lands
sit in with old friends and their kin
we share stories, break bread
trade songs and laugh along
deep into the night

and when we can
we return our bodies to the ocean
weightless within
mother’s brine again
her heartbeat, the tides
our continuum rescued by
this precious time
back inside the womb

it is primal
we must remove ourselves
to remind our souls
just where they belong
this is called revival

we never stay away for long
pulled to our roots
like hens to roost
by an ancient earthen song

steady in our daily toil
we make music
our soil sings and
we eat like kings
floating gently, merrily
down the stream

as we will
till kingdom come