Wilted Daikon Appetizer

Watermelon daikon can be roasted or steamed, but some of it’s best character comes out when it is used in salads and slaws. When it’s raw, its beautiful pink color is there for all to see, and the mild, radish flavor is delicious. Daikon (including white daikon) is a great source of Vitamin C and a staple of Japanese cuisine. 


1 bunch strawberry daikon root, sliced very thin or cut into thin match-like strips
rice vinegar
a few sprigs of fennel or dill, diced (optional)
clove of garlic, minced


Place the daikon into a colander and sprinkle it with salt. Massage the salt into the daikon for a few moments and then let the colander sit for 30 minutes. Toss the daikon every ten minutes during this period. The salt draws liquid out of the vegetables and helps them absorb vinegar later.  

When the daikon feels a bit limp, run it under cold water and then drain it.  Put it in a bowl and add the garlic and the optional fennel or dill. Toss it and refrigerate it until chilled.