Sake-Steamed Winter Squash with Miso and Shishito Peppers

This recipe is borrowed (slightly changed) from a book by our friend Nancy Singleton Hachisu called Japanese Farm Food, published in 2012.


3 tablespoons miso
6 tablespoons sake
1-1/3 pound Kabocha or Red Kuri squash
3 Tablespoons sauté oil
3 Shishito peppers


Muddle the miso with one half of the sake in a small bowl.  Peel the squash slightly and slice it into 1/8-inch thick pie-shaped wedges.  Long pieces should be cut in half crosswise  — aim for bite-sized pieces.  De-seed the Shishitos and chop them up.  Heat the oil in a large skillet or wok, over medium-low heat until the peppers are cooked.  Throw in the squash and toss to coat the pieces with oil.  Splash in the remaining 3-tablespoons of sake and toss.   Cover the skillet (or wok), stirring occasionally for about 6 minutes until the squash slices have softened.  Add the miso-sake mixture, stirring carefully to evenly coat the slices. 

This can be served hot, at room temperature, or cold.