Green Garlic and Roasted Baby Potatoes with Kale

These potatoes.  I cannot rave about them enough.  Buttery, creamy, delicate. We have been eating them daily.  My kids can eat an impossible amount of them ~ shocking for such little people.  The days are getting longer and there is lots of work to be done on the farm.  At the end of the day, we want to make something satisfying, that can be thrown together quickly.

 Please enjoy these amazing little potatoes.  They are at their very best right now.  This recipe is a great way to do so.

~ Jenna Muller


All the new potatoes from your box
Green Garlic
Olive Oil
Salt to Taste
1 bunch kale
Garden herbs (optional)
Goat Cheese (optional)
Fried Egg (optional)


Last night we boiled the potatoes in salted water until they were easily pierced with a fork.  We tossed them into a hot skillet with olive oil and finely chopped green garlic.  We let them sit in the pan until they were nicely browned, stirring them infrequently.  Then we added in some roughly chopped kale (stems removed) for another minute or two.  We added a bit of tarragon and oregano.  After plating it up, we topped the whole thing with a fried egg.   It was the perfect Sunday night meal.  We thought about adding in some goat cheese but decided against it, even though I’m sure that would have been delicious too.  Instead of kale, you could also add black beans and some jack or queso fresco cheese and salsa with the egg.