Eggplant Over Couscous

Recipe from CSA member Patricia Ikeda-Nash


half a large eggplant cut into dice, or one small
olive oil
diced red onion
diced organic red pepper
3 cloves of minced garlic
hot pepper flakes
a generous amount of cumin
enough vegetable broth to make a sauce
splash of lemon juice
organic couscous


For lunch today I cut half an eggplant into dice a little smaller than Scrabble tiles, and added them to a wok with some hot olive oil in the bottom, tossed it a bit with the spatula and let it cook. After about three minutes I added some diced red onion and diced organic red pepper (from the farmer’s market) and cooked everything until it was tender. Next I added 3 cloves of minced garlic, cooked the mixture for 1 minute more, then added paprika, hot pepper flakes, a generous amount of cumin, and enough vegetable broth to make a sauce. I finished it with a splash of lemon juice. I was thinking of adding a tomato, but didn’t need to because the mixture was fine as it was. I ladled the vegetables from Full Belly over some organic couscous, and feasted. Delicious! Thank you.