The climate and soil conditions at Full Belly Farm make for tasty potatoes. We grow a spring and fall crop, grow many different varieties, and harvest our potatoes as new potatoes and fully mature potatoes.

“New Potatoes” have not cured, meaning that the potato skin is thin and permeable and may scuff up when the potatoes are handled. These potatoes are very creamy and less starchy than mature potatoes. They are often small in size and MUST be refrigerated. You can keep them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

“Old Potatoes” (just kidding- they aren’t really called that- but they are fully mature, so they are “older potatoes”) are kept in the soil for as long as possible before harvesting, which sets the skin and gives them a longer storage life. We also recommend keeping these potatoes refrigerated but it is not as crucial as it is for new potatoes. 

Learn more about our potato growing process here.