Notes on Potatoes

On the Recipes page of our web site, there is a recipe for Cream of Greens soup – you could use the potatoes and collards from your box to make this soup!

Here’s a note about potatoes that we got recently:

“Like the year of many turnips, I’ve been grateful for the plethora of potatoes this year. They were oft overlooked in my box, easy to brush aside while excitedly reaching for more colorful things like asparagus or butternut squash or beets. But as they started piling up a bit (I admit it), I needed to turn my attention to them, and I’m SO GLAD I DID! Any time anything got roasted, in went some spuds. But their constant inclusion inspired me to mix up my seasonings as they’re such a great canvas for flavors. Lots of potato salad experimenting gave me chances to really perfect my technique. But I think what really made me a convert is this: I started boiling them in batches and keeping the boiled, salted taters in the fridge and found a new favorite easy snack. I started by dipping them in leftover homemade goddess dressing (any excuse to eat that stuff. Seriously.), then branched out to other fun dippings and condiments. Then just started munching on them all by themselves. So delicious! Thanks, as always, FBF.”

— Christina Stork