News From the Farm | Week of October 7, 2013

The Hoes Down Harvest Festival was on October 5th and 6th, a weekend chock full of family farm fun.  The Hay Fort was one of the busiest and happiest locations. We have an experienced Hay Fort safety crew (the green shirts in this photo) that make sure kid safety and fun are the top priority.


As Hallie Muller said to the crowd on Sunday, “the Hoes Down is a participatory event!” Hundreds of volunteer hours go into the weekend, many representing local organizations like Ecological Farming Association, Madison Migrant Center, Capay Valley Fire Department, Davis Student Veteran Organization, Community Alliance with Family Farmers and dozens more.  This photo shows four Full Belly Farm volunteers (from left) Becca, Rye, Seth and Jordan.


Performances take place on the Utah Phillips, the Farm On-and-On and the Localore stages that we set up around the farm. In other corners there is a circus, workshops, story walks and lots of activities. The energy was high at the afternoon contra dance, shown below!