News From the Farm | November 18, 2019

Hello Fellow CSA Members,

As the year draws to an end, it is once again time for a report from the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic (CMC) which provides free integrative health services to low-income women who are living with a diagnosis of cancer. The produce boxes donated each week by Full Belly Farm and its CSA members who donate a skipped vacation box or add a box when they renew are visible manifestation of support and kindness, and they are received with joy. 

Earlier this year CMC moved into a beautiful, welcoming new space. The rooms are light, airy, and bright with color. During each shift, when they arrive for their acupuncture, bodywork, herbal healing, or other services, CMC clients can pick up fresh FBF produce to take home for themselves and their families. 

As a CMC volunteer and long-time CSA member, it is my pleasure to share, in their own words a bit about the women of CMC (sometimes edited for length): 

I love to belly dance, just like my grandma. When I want to relax, I sit in a grove of redwoods in a nearby Oakland park. —C.M., Client

I am an herbalist and animal lover. I am currently enchanted by the fall fruits and veggies. I learned a quick squash recipe of Delicata squash roasted with coconut oil and cinnamon.  —K.H., Volunteer

Musician, retired property manager, hospital volunteer. I love to sing! My greatest pleasure is being in nature and eating great food with friends. Thank you Full Belly Farm! —B.C., Client 

I am a paramedical student at Mills College applying to medical schools next summer. I love Joaquin Miller woods and playing soccer around Oakland. FBF brings new life to our clinic – we couldn’t be happier about our bounty! —J.Z., Volunteer

I am a creative soul who has been practicing energy medicine and shepherding people through healing journeys with holistic coaching for 22 years. I love to dance, cook, walk, and make my own jewelry. I am grateful for the support I get at CMC to help me on my own healing journey. —T.L., Client

I am an M.D. from Colombia, also an acupuncturist in Oakland. I like to cook Italian, French, Colombian, and Lebanese food. I love animals; dogs, cats, bears, cows, felines – all of them. —A.R., Volunteer

While my doctors seem to have given up on me, I can always count on CMC volunteers and staff to be in my corner, offering their gentle touch and healing power. I feel so blessed to be able to take healthy veggies home. We are so lucky to have a place like this that cares about mind, soul, and body. —R., Client

I am a student at Cal. I am interested in healthcare services and how to operate a local nonprofit for the benefit of the community. —H.S., Volunteer

I am a brain tumor survivor. I am amazed that I am alive after almost leaving a few times. I use herbs to invigorate my health and seek all love, light, and peace in continuing to heal.  —M.G., Client

I have been healing breast cancer for almost 4 years. The care and love I have received here at CMC has been 1,000%. When I have money I will set one up in every town!   Am grateful to be able to pick up organic veggies each time I come; I am low-income right now and I juice a lot so I go through a lot of produce. Many, many thanks and blessings. —D.B., Client

I am an acupuncturist. Every time I see the fresh vegetables offered to our clients I feel appreciation. I also enjoy the cucumber water at CMC. It tastes great, especially from the fresh vegetables. —A.W., Volunteer

So grateful for the donations. Since my diagnosis I’ve tried to eat more veggies and more organic. The donations at CMC make it easier to have healthy food. Besides, I love trying new things that I haven’t had before. —V.L., Client

It is an amazing gift to receive healing treatments from the practitioners.  Everyone is very kind and patient. Your vegetables are great – thank you! —L.C., Client

I give acupuncture and herbal medicine to our clients. Our clients are excited about the beautiful fresh food that FBF offers. I know it is a wonderful addition to their healing journey. —S.W., Volunteer

I believe that whole, natural organic foods increase quality of life and health. Your generosity lights up our clients’ eyes and plants the seeds of hope through food. —N.C., Volunteer

Hello! I’m 3 years into my breast cancer diagnosis. I am truly blessed to have found a loving family here at CMC. They have given me the courage and strength to want to continue to be strong. —J.K., Client

I had colorectal cancer and underwent two surgeries. I had to change my diet and enjoy FBF’s organic food now even more than ever. I appreciated them and FBF very much! —M.G., Client

Autumn Blessings,

Donna Odierna

Note: If you would like to donate vegetables to the CMC, please send us an email.  We have been donating 5 CSA boxes of vegetables per week since 1992.

Beautiful field of potatoes.