News From the Farm | January 15, 2018

The first week back from the Full Belly break brought more than it’s share of CSA mix-ups, culminating when one of our drivers delivered CSA boxes to the wrong site!  By the time our office staff found out, the driver (who was filling in for the regular staff) was long gone and members were wondering where their veggies were.  Luckily, one of our kind and generous members volunteered to ferry the boxes back to their correct location, while in the background the host (who was out of town) offered support and encouragement. So we got it all straightened out, but the adventure really brought home to us the way that this CSA program relies on the contributions of so many people — the wonderful hosts who allow our members to pick up veggies at their homes or businesses, and our members who have patience learning how it works and who cooperate and collaborate to make it a success.

Thank you to all of you, and a special thank you to the heroes of our first week in 2018, member Jenny Postich who drove our CSA boxes to their correct location, and Danville Host Kerri Heusler who was able to provide up-to-date intelligence using her porch camera, from her remote site out of town.

Last week we wrote about the Organic Animal Welfare Rule that has been sidelined by the US Department of Agriculture. We encouraged anyone who was interested to post a comment on the government website. We know that many of you did.  As of today, Monday morning 1/15, there were over 60,000 comments!  Deadline is 1/17/18.  Thank you to all who submitted their thoughts.

One project that we completed over our December break was implemented by Full Belly owner Paul Muller.  He knew that it was time to dig out the settling basin where water from our packing shed drains. When potatoes, carrots and beets come in from the field, we clean them in the packing shed and the soil that comes off is drained with the water, to a basin below the shed.  The water percolates into the ground, replenishing the groundwater, and the sediment stays behind, ready for us to return it to the fields.  Because December was dry, Paul was able to dig out the basin, which is now ready to accommodate quite a few years worth of future vegetable washing.  Next to the basin we have a big pile of sediment ready to move back to the fields.

Blessings on your meals — eat your greens!

— Judith Redmond