Feedback From Our Members

June 6, 2016

Q: Would you please consider not distributing cling peaches? They are suitable for canning, but are nearly impossible for eating out-of-hand, which is the use that your subscribers will make of them (who is going to can 7-8 small peaches?)

A: Full Belly grows (or has grown) nearly 25 different varieties of peach, most of which are freestone. Generally a clingstone peach has fruit that does not fall off the pit and a freestone peach has fruit that does fall off the pit.  Freestone peaches usually ripen a little bit later in the season than clingstone. Both types can be delicious. Some people don’t like to eat clingstones, because they can be a little messy.  Grandma Lois (Farmer Dru’s mom) used to call them ‘bend-over’ peaches!