Thoughts From One of Our Members About the CSA – March 6, 2017

I’m sorry that people stop getting the box because they have to get stuff they don’t like, or know how to use, or they wish they could substitute other things.  Those are among the reasons I like getting the box.  Life is actually just like that.  If we play our cards right, we can get a lot of good stuff, some stuff we do not like, or don’t need and it’s kind of random in that way. We do not get to pick and choose everything in life.  That is, in fact, what makes life interesting, and what makes it life.  I don’t want my organic box to be an exercise in customization.  The farm is a farm, not a computer program, and I like it that way.  Also, I feel burdened sometimes by so many choices.  I appreciate that all I have to do with the box is go pick it up at the same time every week, and my mind can take a vacation from choosing.