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News From the Farm | November 16, 2020

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Here at the farm, it’s pretty easy to notice the changing of the seasons.  People move a little slower, we plan around the weather, but most of all… we have time for side projects! These projects are often the type of thing that don’t need to happen immediately but make life easier and more enjoyable in the future. This could be pruning the fruit orchards, mending broken equipment, or cleaning the iris beds.  Just last week, however, I was able to use my experience with natural dyes and I made the time to dye some skeins of wool that will soon be available in our on-line Farm Shop. [Read more…]

News From the Farm | June 22, 2020

Ben driving out to the field to harvest the last planting of cabbage. –

Voices from the Fields –

No one knows this farm better than our crew members.  Passionate farmers who spend their years tending Full Belly fields – every decision they make creates the high standard produce you find in your CSA box, farmers market, and local grocery store.  I’m constantly inspired when I see the way Isobel, for example, who is the leader of the flower crew, picks every flower with such intention and care.  It’s not just me who sees this, but others are inspired by our crew as well – including their own kids.

I first met Ben Hernandez this spring as I was interviewing new camp counselors for our summer camp program.  Everyone on the farm raved about him, “Oh, everyone loves Ben,” “Wait, you’re going to hire Ben? But I want him to work with me!”  I understood the stories immediately when we got together for his interview one day after work.  At the time, he was a senior at Esparto High School, finishing up his last month of classes.  I asked him what his plans were since school was nearly done. [Read more…]

News From the Farm | May 18, 2020

We are staking our first 6 acres of tomatoes, more than 1,000 stakes per acre!

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Depending on your connection with Full Belly Farm, you might think of us mostly as a place where you can get amazing fruits and veggies… or inspiring flowers… or a place where there used to be some great seasonal pizzas on Pizza Nights, straight from the wood-fired oven. [Read more…]

News From the Farm | February 10, 2020

Everyone get down and take a closer look at our soil!

Spring is just about sprung here in the Capay Valley and that means school groups and tours will be arriving soon!  When groups come to visit, we always ask them the question “Do you know what we grow here at Full Belly Farm?”  And of course, the answers are always wide-ranging: “tomatoes, flowers, carrots, chickens, lettuce!”  While all of these answers are correct, visitors tend to forget two of the most important things: soil and conscious farmers!

Without healthy, rich, and nutritious soil we would never be able to grow such healthy, rich and nutritious crops!  We care for our soil by spreading compost, grazing our land with sheep and chickens, and even experimenting with reduced-till crop rotations to care for the billions of organisms underneath our feet. [Read more…]

News From the Farm | October 21, 2019

Throughout the year the landscape of Full Belly Farm goes through many changes.  Flowers bloom beside the campsite tents in summer, cover crop fields change into parking lots for the Hoes Down Harvest Festival in the Fall and roaming chicken coops pop up in fields all over the farm.  And when the days get shorter and the evening air begins to chill, our farm goes through a new transformation as we prepare the landscape for the winter months ahead. [Read more…]