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News from the Farm | February 6, 2023

Last week we found ourself facing a classic winter scenario; there was rain in the forecast, though the forecasts kept shifting, and lots of transplanting to do. In addition to lots of weeding. But – we had horribly strong winds early in the week with very cold morning temperatures forecast for later in the week. Wind and cold temperatures aren’t good for vulnerable young transplants. So it meant lots of weeding in the wind early in the week and then an (almost) all hands on deck effort to transplant on Wednesday and Thursday after temperatures warmed up enough.   [Read more…]

News From the Farm | Week of June 17, 2013

“Enough with the potatoes, we aren’t in Ireland,”  wrote one of our CSA members, sounding exasperated because there have been little bags of potatoes in the CSA boxes over and over for quite a while.  Sometimes red skinned, sometimes yellow fleshed, always fresh from the ground, less starchy than cured supermarket potatoes, usually smaller than the potatoes used for McDonalds French fries, they’re something of a staple. 

We admit that our members may have gotten over the big exclamation point that we have in our heads when we say NEW!! potatoes, meaning that these are fresh vegetables, we have plucked them from the ground before they reach maturity. “New” indicates that they should be stored in the refrigerator and you may find that their skin is thin and delicate.  [Read more…]