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News from the Farm | June 17, 2024

We’re just at the start of the peach season, and while every variety is a little different, it’s fairly safe to say that we’ve got a small crop of peaches. In this case, small refers to the size of the fruit, not the total amount of fruit. 

Why? I checked in with Andrew to get the scoop, plus some farm history and insight into farm decision-making.

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News From the Farm | May 24, 2021

It’s really exciting to be able to include some spring fruit in your boxes this week! Who doesn’t like fruit?

There’s a fair amount of work that has to happen before we get to harvesting the fruit, as with most of our crops. Strawberry transplants go in the ground in the beginning of September and then must be weeded and tended until they start bearing a crop the next spring. So they take up valuable real estate in the field long before they start paying “rent”. Strawberry plants bear fruit for multiple years but their productivity drops dramatically after the first year, so for us, they’re a one year crop. Note: strawberry jam is back and is available on the web store! [Read more…]