winter squash

Winter squash has a tough outer rind helping it to store well without refrigeration.  At Full Belly, we usually harvest it in early October and store it in bins in our barn.  Winter squash is a low-calorie, good source of complex vegetable carbohydrates and fiber.  Full Belly grows as many as 15 varieties, mixing it up each year to see what tastes best.  Here are some of the staple varieties:  Acorn, Butternut,  Delicata,  Hubbard, Kabocha, Sweet Dumpling, Red Kuri and Spaghetti.

Tip for removing skin and seeds from winter squash: Cut squash in quarters and put pieces on baking sheet in a 350º oven. Cook about 30 minutes. Transfer the squash to a cutting board. When squash is cooled it is easy to scoop out the seeds. Cut each quarter into slices and trim the outside skin. Squash is ready to cut into cubes for cooking.