Radishes are such a jolly vegetable- bright red, adding a splash of color to any dish. The Full Belly farmers grow several different types of radishes- French breakfast, red round, strawberry daikon, and white daikon. Radishes are rich in vitamin C and contain an anti-oxidant called sulforaphane, known for its cancer-cell growth inhibition. Daikons, native to Asia, are generally more mild than red round and French breakfast radishes, which can often have a bit of a spicy bite. Radishes should be stored with their tops off, in the refrigerator.  

We know that red daikon may be one of the vegetables that you wouldn’t purchase if you bought all of your vegetables in the store. In Japan, China, Korea and other Asian countries, daikon it is a staple part of the diet. It has very few calories but provides 27% of the daily needs of Vitamin C. We hope that you enjoy it!