Cucumbers are a staple of the summer diet at Full Belly. The farmers have been known to slip them into just about everything- salads, cold soups, salsas. Full Belly grows slicer, Armenian (also called Painted Serpent), pickling cucumbers, and suyo long. Slicer cucumbers can be identified by their dark green skin, often thick, and their smooth skin. Armenian cucumbers can come in all shapes and sizes and are sometimes quite large. They can be identified by their striped skin, which does not need to be removed before you enjoy them! Pickling cucumbers are a bit drier with a crisp, snappy skin that can retain its crunch even after pickling. Suyo long have the shape of a painted serpent, the spines of a pickling cucumber (which can be removed by lightly rubbing the skin), and a crisp, crunchy texture, closer to that of a slicer, or the “English cucumbers” often seen in stores. Cucumbers are high in vitamin K and potassium. Store cucumbers dry, in the refrigerator, for up to a week.