News From the Farm | September 9, 2013

Full Belly Farm is in the northwest corner of Yolo County, a relatively rural and agricultural county growing an incredible diversity of fruits, nuts and vegetables important to the local economy and also to surrounding urban regions. The Yolo County Agricultural Crop Report for 2012 reported that the value of organic production in the county increased by almost 33% between 2011 and 2012. 


An annual event that celebrates the agricultural bounty of Yolo County was held on Sunday September 8th to benefit the Yolo County Land Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving Yolo’s agricultural and natural values. Almost 40 regional restaurants, wineries and breweries, and 13 local farms worked on the event, with the farms donating products for the restaurants to prepare Yolo-centric summer season dishes. Guests went from table to table tasting the creative and inspiring dishes that each chef had created.