News From the Farm | Week of November 4, 2013

At this time of year, as is the case year round, the harvest of crops dominates daily activities for many crew members, but we also have time to get a lot of projects done.


This group is washing New Potatoes. These are the immature, creamy potatoes that you get in your boxes in the fall and spring. We treat them like a fresh vegetable and keep them refrigerated.

cayenne peppers

We harvested all of our cayenne peppers and now have them sheltered in the greenhouse, protected from frost.

tomato stakes

All the carefully staked and trellised tomatoes are coming down. These two are waiting for the tractor to arrive that will help them pull stakes out of the ground.

killing johnsongrass

Believe it or not, this is an asparagus field. The asparagus crowns are beneath the surface, so not visible here. The field is badly infested with a very nasty weed called Johnson Grass which has vigorous rhizomes for roots that are choking out the asparagus. We are attempting to save the asparagus using the tractor to cultivate out the Johnson Grass roots with minimal damage to the asparagus crowns. The crew is raking up the roots into piles to be removed later. It’s a big job – We hope that at least it will knock the weeds back.

cabbage crew


picking cabbage