News From the Farm | September 30, 2019

Howdy y’all! Full Belly Farm’s Education team – Sierra & Haley here!  We’re back to teach you the ABC’s of the Hoes Down Harvest Festival! If you like these, you’ll LOVE what we’ve got cooking for you, coming up on October 5th.  

OOnly a few days until the Hoes Down!

PPumpkin Carving – Fall is here, and we’ve got the pumpkins to prove it.  Pick up a pumpkin and take part in the pumpkin carving competition! Once the pumpkins are carved, exhibit your work along the Hoes Down main road. We have a prize for the winning pumpkin-carver this year! 

QQuestions? – Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions concerning Hoes Down.  We want to hear from you!

RRefreshments – With all this fun running around, you might be parched!  Have no fear, we have prepared a cornucopia of refreshments for you to take part in.  From Revive Kombucha, to our local favorite, Blue Note Brewery, and a variety of natural sodas; we’ll make sure to wet your whistle in the warm Hoes Down sunshine.   

SSign Painting! The Hoes Down is filled with hundreds of signs that help attendees know what bands are playing, or what activities are happening down by the creek.  It’s so much fun to hang-up beautiful signs from the past, and to give broken signs a fresh look!  

TTipi – In need of a break from the sheep shearing, delicious food, or workshop wonders? Take a break in the Hoes Down TiPi, with relaxing story time or just a bit of shut-eye. 

UUdderly prepared for some great workshops! For example, you can meet the udder side of our Cow, Pinto Bean, and learn all about milking with Full Belly Farm partner, Dru Rivers.    

V Volunteers –  The Hoes Down Harvest Festival wouldn’t be possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers!  Almost 500 of them help to scoop ice cream, set up the hay fort, welcome you at the entry gate, and much, much more.   As we say here at Hoes Down headquarters, “Volunteers Have More Fun.”     

WWreath Room – As you wander the kid’s area of the Hoes Down Harvest Festival, you might see a small wooden building that peaks your interest.  Take a look inside and you’ll find the beautiful wreath room!  Designed and created by our talented women who pick and prepare our lovely bouquets, the wreath room is a great display of how we dry our summer flowers for the winter months.  And by the way, W is also for Weather, which is going to be amazing.  

X – We’re just so X – CITED to see you! 

YYes! You can still buy tickets online.  Hop over to the website to buy tickets for you, your friends and your family.  

Z  – Catch some Zzz’s under the walnut trees.  Camping can’t be any better than under the canopy of Full Belly Farm’s walnut orchard.  As a reminder, there won’t be any car camping this year. Campers, don’t forget to bring a tent, some warm clothes and a flashlight! 

See you on October 5th!