News From the Farm | October 12, 2015

One of the highlights of our spring this year were the beautiful flower fields and the wonderful flower bouquets that we made in record numbers.  From Agrostemma to Zinnia, this was a record year for flowers. As one of the people who often helps to organize the store orders that come in every day I have been struck by the fact that our flower buyers had their orders in often and early, while in contrast it was sometimes quite an effort to track down the produce buyers. Our friends in the stores don’t want to miss out on the flowers!

Some of you may have seen our “wreath room” — a small barn at the farm where we hang fresh flowers from the ceiling to dry. This barn has seen many people coming and going over the  years, and it had a very close call in the early morning last Sunday, when the strong Hoes Down wind blew a spark from a grill towards some bins next to the barn, which smoldered for a while and then almost burnt the whole barn down. A camper alerted the Rivers-Muller household and quick work soon put the fire out, but not before some damage had been done to the north wall. What a close call!

Hoes Down 2015 at Full Belly Farm!

Wreath room photo courtesy of Trav Williams, Broken Banjo Photography

The colorful flowers that we hang from the ceiling of the wreath room are used, come Fall, by our flower crew to make dried flower bouquets and wreaths for the holidays.  This crew, headed by Maria Isabel De Jacobo, never let’s us sidetrack them. No matter what other projects are on deck, the flower crew always works on the flowers, dedicated full-heartedly to every stage of flower production.

For any of you who enjoy working with flowers, we do offer the opportunity in November for you to come to the farm and make a beautiful dried flower wreath.  The class will be on Veteran’s Day, Wednesday November 11th from 11:00am to 2:00pm, rain or shine. The class includes all the supplies that you will need, and we will serve you lunch made from Full Belly fruits and veggies.  The class costs $50 ($25 for children – but we don’t provide child care).  Class size is limited.  Call or email us to reserve a spot: 530-796-2214, or