News from the Farm | November 29, 2021

Kosuke and Andrew  —  

It is crazy for me to realize that my time at Full Belly ends in two weeks. I remember the first day, July 6th, 2020 when I spent that day and most of the week harvesting potatoes in the blazing summer heat.

The last year and a half has flown by and has been so enjoyable. Many days I could be doing a variety of tasks. Some days it could be everything from harvesting, planting, building a cooler and then ending with loading the delivery trucks. I spent many hours harvesting sunflowers, eggplants, peppers, and so much more. There were many days of planting transplants as well as seeding crops. In the spring, I spent every Sunday taking care of the greenhouse and watching the plants grow and learning how to take care of them with Andrew Brait’s advice. This summer, I was in charge of our sunflower harvest and bunching efforts.

Transplanting greenhouse plants

Almost every week for the past year I have gone to the Thursday Marin Farmers Market. Seeing the same customers every week and getting to know them has been a joy. One of my favorite things is the ride to and from market with Andrew Brait. It has been so informative to spend the time talking and asking him about farming. 

Kosuke, Andrew and Yassy at Market

Full Belly was a special place for me before I was an intern. Back in 1990 my mom, Frances, was a Full Belly intern at the same time as Andrew Brait and I grew up knowing the second generation of Mullers and Braits.

While my time at Full Belly is ending, I am very lucky that I will still be nearby and able to continue the friendship. Next year I am starting my own farm, Farmboy Organics, in Winters with my twin brother. While getting everything set up and signing the lease, it has been so nice to be able to ask everyone at Full Belly questions and advice, as well as having their support.  

I’ll be spending these last two weeks working a lot but also savoring these moments that are so special and unique to Full Belly. I am incredibly thankful for everyone at Full Belly who I have learned so much from and enjoyed working with. 

— Andrew Walker