News From the Farm | November 23, 2015

Eagle in November

By Rye Muller

Still, smoky air settles in the valley

The hills appear as paintings in fall’s cold haze

Days of November


Yesterday we sowed our cover crops,

Today, rain falls kindly on that soil

Seeds set free


Fruit trees that speckle our land

Welcome winter winds 

Yellow leaves blanket orchard floors


The sleepy sun sits low in the sky 

A shadow twice my size at noon

Days of dusk so it seems


Fall brings a quiet stillness

Spring brought flowers and summer the fruit 

Now we listen 


Naked trees with canopies of blackbirds

Resting together, hardly moving

Until the Eagle stakes its claim


Silence makes easy prey 

If they dare move

Coddled in dry nests


Golden hills of the valley now turn grey

Worn by sun and hoof

Wait patiently for rain


Not all is seen in fall pastel

Bright turnip, carrot and beet

Glow beneath our feet


Buds on the tree dream of spring swell

Coyotes sing to solstice moons

Rivers rage and rise


Two Eagles build a nest

Atop the tallest oak tree

Mates for life this mighty pair


Somehow they see a glimmer of spring

Tomorrow’s warmth in today’s cold hands

Wing in wing they prepare


Hatching love, a sprouting seed

Egg to Eagle, grain to bread

To this the farmer bows his head


Let us always remember

To give love, peace and thanks

For the Eagle in November