News From the Farm | May 3, 2021

Baboo  —  

Full Belly Farm lost a cherished friend on Saturday. Our beloved golden retriever, Baboo, passed suddenly at the young age of 8.

Perhaps the friendliest dog to have ever roamed these acres, you may have seen him sleeping on the Hoes Down dance floor, sniffing at your slice during a pizza night, or letting your children pet and climb all over him at an Open Farm Day. Raised at Full Belly from 8 weeks old, Baboo knew all the best places on the farm to find the best treats and the coldest air conditioning. He was a lover of all creatures big and small, wild and domestic, human and beast. You could find him napping almost anywhere – in the middle of the yard, on the cool concrete of the packing shed, or just right outside the egg washing room where his family spends a lot of time. He helped raise three beautiful farm children gently, lovingly, and patiently. He belonged to Rye and Becca Muller, but gave freely his heart and soul to all the farmers at Full Belly. He is buried deep in rich soil along a line of old black walnut trees on the creek road and will be forever missed by all at the farm, and everyone who ever had the fortune of spending time with this truly legendary dog. We love you, Babs, and will carry you in our hearts and memories for all of our days.


The family held a ceremony for Baboo on May 2nd. Rye Muller welded together a beautiful headstone for Baboo from the “resource pile” north of the packing shed.  The amazing sculpture turns in the wind.

— Becca Muller