News From the Farm | March 26, 2018

Open Farm Day

Saturday 3/24 was Open Farm Day at Full Belly Farm.  We all had a lot of fun.  Delicious pizza, fresh orange juice made on the spot, kite-flying, playing in the brook and listening to the frogs, tours of the fields, lamb petting, and playing and picnicking on the grass.  It was a warm, beautiful spring day.  CSA members received a jar of marmalade made from our Full Belly oranges.

One of the scenes that has stayed with me was watching from the tractor-drawn wagon tour as a young woman and a young girl jogged behind the trailer for the entire tour. My guess is that it was a mom and her daughter, but I never saw them afterwards to find out. The woman looked like the spring goddess, Persephone. We must have travelled together for at lease 30 minutes and when, in the home stretch, the little girl who was about 5 years old by reckoning, finally got a little bit tuckered out, the woman scooped her up and continued along close behind us. When we stopped to let people off the wagon, she ran past us and we all cheered.