News From the Farm | January 7, 2019

This photo from the 2009 archives is captioned, “First CSA Box”! Yes, we used to print a paper copy of the newsletter and put it into every box. This was before we had the Stop Waste Green Box, and were using waxed cardboard boxes that couldn’t be recycled.

This week we will be harvesting and packing fruits and vegetables for the first CSA boxes of 2019. If all goes well, there will be 47 additional CSA-box-weeks in 2019 and we are ever-hopeful that each week will deliver a surprise, a well-loved favorite and the inspiration for nourishing meals. At least, that’s our aspiration! We are also likely to send you stories from the fields that touch on the weather, the soils and the people that are growing your fruits and vegetables — the stories behind the fruits and vegetables in your box. The meals we all create and consume are strongly linked to our health and well being, as are the connections back and forth between farmer and CSA member.

The winter break at Full Belly brought some cold temperatures and welcome rains to the fields of greens here at the farm. Ever industrious as some of the farm families are known to be, ambitious projects like putting down flooring on an entire house were started and completed. In the farm office, we played desk musical chairs, with some people moving upstairs, others moving downstairs and even some people moving laterally… Several winter feasts (days in the making) were added to the winter feast tradition, a fabulous solstice party under the full moon took place, and many holiday parties were enjoyed. Since December is a good time for farmers to travel, some of us took advantage of the opportunity and left home while others stay-cationed blissfully, ringing in the New Year in familiar surroundings.

A few crew members were present at the farm daily in order to take care of the ever-hungry pigs, the pet goats, the retired cows, the spoiled cats and dogs and the hard working sheep and chickens. The chickens respond to the short days and cold nights by laying fewer eggs, but they still pulled their weight and a few Bay Area stores received an unusual delivery of Full Belly eggs, which are usually in scarce supply and sold only at our farmers markets.

If new year resolutions and holiday wishes could all come true, there might be less struggle and suffering in our world — but at least we can look forward to 2019 resolving to do the best that we can at Full Belly to spread good-will and right livelihood through our organic farming practices, knowing that farming and nourishing food play an important role in a healthy community.

—Judith Redmond

The orange trees are loaded!