News From the Farm | August 9, 2021

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Grateful Harvest Gala  —  

The fall at Full Belly Farm for more than 30 seasons has been a time when more of our attention reaches outward, as planning for various events, including our Hoes Down Harvest Festival, reaches a crescendo.  We have cancelled the Hoes Down for the last two years because hosting thousands of people at the farm during the pandemic seemed like a bad idea.  Nevertheless, the work of the Ecological Farming Association one of the beneficiaries of the Hoes Down Harvest Festival, continued.  EcoFarm, as it says on their home page, “nurtures just and ecologically sustainable farms and food systems through education, alliance building, celebration and advocacy.”

This fall, there is no Hoes Down in the works, but we are planning an on-farm fundraising event, the Grateful Harvest Gala on Saturday October 9 and all proceeds will be donated to EcoFarm. We are teaming up with legendary chefs from the Bay Area to cook a seasonal multi-course sit-down dinner.  Nate Norris from Zuni Café, Siew Chin Chin from Ramen Shop, Frank Sally from Fournée Bakery, plus chefs from Rich Table and our good friend Cal Peternell who is a chef and author of cook books including Burnt Toast and Other Disasters will all be representing with pride and enthusiasm.  Our very own Amon and Jenna Muller will also be cooking several courses and choreographing the dinner from the Full Belly Kitchen.

The event will be taking place outdoors and it will be a smallish group.  Circus Bella will be there, causing more fun to be had by all, with surprises and happiness sure to elicit the gratefulness that is so good for all of our hearts.  We expect that it will be a memorable event and invite all of you, our community, to consider joining us.  For more information, or to reserve your spot, go to the EcoFarm web site.