News From the Farm | August 26, 2019

Alex and Frederick raking the almonds into a central line, ready for the sweeper (shown below) to pick them up.

 An Ode to Thank the Capay Valley Farm Shop for the Use of Their Awesome Forklift

It was late on a summer’s night

Many hands had not been on deck 

Projects were piling up

bellies were growling

Worry wrinkles were deepening

The big almond harvest had only two Belly harvest hands

The Bellies were dancing

One step forward

Two steps back…

A call came in from a full and finicky overheating truck

The Bellies gathered and planned

Down to Esparto, limp the truck home, 


reload another truck that doesn’t overheat… 

drive back to Esparto in two trucks 

leave the loaded one there…

Oh, the weary Belly brains 

Oh, the growling Belly bellies

“But doesn’t the Farm Shop in Esparto have a forklift?”

said one of the worried growling Bellies

But it is probably only authorized for their staff

They probably have inspectors and inspections

They are probably all happy somewhere without phones

The forklift is probably hidden and locked up…

“Let’s just try” said another Belly

And soon the Bellies were using the awesome Farm Shop forklift

Making quick work transferring

Carefully picked pallets

Gently packed pallets

Seriously organized pallets 

Pallets with homes to go to and schedules to attend to

Zipping them out, zipping them in

Anticipations of dinner, a shower and a cosy evening…

How nice it is to have friends 

Who will lend a forklift in a pinch

So that the growling Bellies get their supper

and the Worry Wrinkling Bellies get their rest

How nice it is to have forklift friends in a pinch!

—Judith Redmond

Our almond harvest is proceeding slowly using machinery like this knocker and sweeper, both at least circa 40 years old.