News From the Farm | August 19, 2019

Here are a few photos snapped on a Saturday at Full Belly:

Leo bringing in the Jimmy Nardello peppers coming out of the field by the bin.

Rye sorting Red Lasota potatoes.

End of day Saturday, our cooler had 1,200 boxes of tomatoes ready to sort, pack and send home.  Having the tomatoes cooled down and ready to pack on Monday morning gives us a head start on the week.

Picking and packing fruits and vegetables was a big focus for many of us on Saturday, but an equally important effort took place in preparation for Fall.  Lettuce was transplanted by a crew of four, all day long (above).  Immediately after transplanting, the irrigation crew turned up to get the water going on the tender greens.  If you look closely (below) you can see that José is carrying and balancing 4 irrigation pipes at once as he walks down the narrow furrows.  He makes it look easy, but in fact it is quite a feat of strength and balance!