News from the Farm | April 3, 2023


I don’t want to jinx anything, but it seems like it might finally be spring. The calendar said spring started on March 20, but it sure hasn’t felt like it. Last Monday was freezing cold and we had more rain during the week. The forecast is showing warmer days ahead, and no rain, so we’ll finally be able to make some progress on our backlog of mowing, bed prep, planting (transplanting and direct seeding), and weeding. Among all that work, I hope we all have time to enjoy the sights of spring because it’s a beautiful time of year. Too beautiful not to share! Here’re some of the signs of spring from the past few days:

Lots of plants in the greenhouse:

The transplants in the field are growing – much faster in the warmer weather! Fennel, kale, and lettuce are in this picture (right to left).

Lots of flowering trees – can you name them all? Answers below.


Answers: quince, pear, and peach.

Here’s a more difficult one. Do you know what it is? Answer below.

Answers: walnuts!

The flower team has put up netting on the snapdragons and godetias to help them grow straight (important for making bouquets).

The ewes and lambs are in the walnuts, munching down the cover crops.

And there are a few really beautiful “weeds” that popped up in the chard (planted in last spring’s tulip field).


Elaine Swiedler, CSA Manager