News From the Farm | September 4, 2017

It’s been a hot week just about everywhere — not just here at the farm, but pretty much all around. We’ve had our crew arrive at dawn, hoping to get them home earlier.  But I think the first heat wave that we had in June was worse than this one. The June days were longer, thus the heat window was much longer.  Now the days are already starting to shorten, and the first day of fall is not much more than two weeks away.  I think we’re more acclimated to the heat as well — there have been a lot of triple digit weeks this summer in the Capay Valley.

We transplanted our first seedlings of greens into the field on one of the 109° days thinking on the one hand that it was awfully odd to be planting cool weather crops on such a hot day, but on the other hand, the shorter day length is a signal to the plants that fall is coming.  The lateness of summer also means that school started up, so all of the wonderful high school students that worked in the packing shed for the summer, are gone.  We had some great young helpers, we miss them and hope that they can come back next summer. 

I hope that you will consider coming to one of our Fall harvest events.  On September 10th we will celebrate A Day in the Country showcasing local foods prepared by over 20 Northern California top chefs. The event will take place at a historic country estate in Woodland.  Guests enjoy tastings from Yolo County ranchers, growers, vineyards and breweries.  The event is a fundraiser for the Yolo County Land Trust.  Check here for more information

We are planning a very special Hoes Down Harvest Festival for all of our friends (and hopefully ALL of our CSA members) on October 7th.  It is our 30th annual and will include music, dancing, a circus, workshops, farm tours, great food, a farmers markets, crafts and all kinds of hands-on activities. Check here for more information.