News From the Farm | October 9, 2017

It’s hard to know quite what to say about the experience of having 5,500 people sweep through the farm over the weekend to set up a Festival and then take it right back down. The Hoes Down Harvest Festival was on Saturday 10/7.  It left us with many memories to share. This is truly a very special community event.  We had over 600 volunteers doing their shifts as best they could, coming to the Hoes Down to do their part to help.  There are families, many of whom are CSA members, that have been coming to the Festival for decades, so that it has become a family tradition for them and from our point of view, the Hoes Down wouldn’t be the same without them.  We want to thank all of our CSA members who came and helped out in so many big and little ways.  We truly appreciate all of you.

These kids made friends with a very special scarecrow.

We got a lot of dishes very dirty, and ran out of cleaning up steam on Saturday night.