News From the Farm | October 23, 2017

Gifts that keep on Giving

Believe it or not there are just six short weeks (shorter because the daylight seems to be slipping away!) until Full Belly Farm takes its winter hibernation break. The farm goes into its light slumber from December 10th through January 8th – “light” because there are always home projects on the list, attending to all of those things that got left on the back burner during a busier-than-ever summer. Somehow the past nine farm months have been packed with more things than we can remember –weddings, garden tours, summer campers, school visits… oh and yes the picking and packing of thousands and thousands of boxes of produce.

Before the break starts we have another long list of “finishing up” projects: picking 3 tons of olives, pulling stakes from 15 acres of tomatoes, sowing cover crops, spreading compost before the winter rains start, and most importantly –selling all of our fall crops and all of the wonderful things we have been “putting” away for you this summer –jams, dried fruits, nuts and lots of dried flowers!

We have an idea to do a “re-gifting” project with you, our loyal and dedicated customers. We will be offering three gift boxes from the farm for the holiday season and for each box purchased we will donate $5 worth of CSA credit to the Charlotte Maxwell Cancer Clinic. This cancer clinic for low-income women has been so appreciative of the produce that Full Belly Farm and you have donated over the past 10 or more years. Healthy food is vital to those fighting the disease, so these are gifts that keep on giving.

The three gift boxes will be:

#1. The Sampler Box for $45 – includes 1.5 lbs of our stone milled whole wheat flour, 1 lb of walnuts, half pound of sundried peaches, 8 oz jar of Marmalade,  250 ml Orange Syrup, a beautiful pomegranate and recipe ideas for all of the ingredients!

#2. The Yarn Gift Box for $35 (+ tax) – includes three skeins of our beautiful yarn from Full Belly sheep, knitting needles, patterns for knitting the yarn, and a lovely photo description of the sheep project here at the farm.

#3. The Wreath Box for $40 (+ tax) – includes a beautiful dried floral wreath of our choosing, handmade here at the farm by our amazing floral women. All of the flowers in the wreaths are organically grown!

To receive your gift boxes we will need orders by November 25th. The boxes will be delivered during the week of November 27th to December 2nd to your CSA site. We can also ship your order directly to your gift recipient in a large flat rate USPS box for an additional $20!

Please contact us with your orders.