News From the Farm | May 8, 2017

Full Belly is busy! Crews are mowing down cover crops, bedding up fields, spreading compost, burying drip tape and transplanting seedlings.










Despite all the hustle and bustle, Amon and Jenna made time to start a kids garden. In the photo above are several bins containing soil and compost. The kids planted a few melon and tomato seedlings, as well as seeds of cucumbers, eggplants, okra and other summer vegetables. In a few days, the bins will be moved to Guinda, just outside of the Corner Store.

Below left, a pretty field of spring greens. On the right we are incorporating gypsum into our compost before spreading it onto the fields.













The photo above left shows that our first field of tomatoes is getting pretty big! The tractor is cultivating out some weeds, before the plants get so tall that we can’t have a tractor in the field. The black plastic that you can see on the beds will also help to control weeds. These tomatoes will need to be staked and trellised very soon! The photo above right shows a crew hand-transplanting flowers.