News from the Farm | May 12, 2014

A Flower Explosion! 

Last week was our biggest flower sales week in the history of our farm! Our team of flower harvesters and bunchers made well over 3,500 bouquets of flowers last week – each one unique and beautiful and sent off to brighten someones day. We grow a little under 15 acres of fresh flowers on our farm, all of them are varieties that we love. Right now, we are in the thick of larkspur, godetia, and sunflower harvest. In the next few months, zinnias will begin to pop up everywhere on our farm. 


The flowers that decorate our fields are duel purpose: not only do we harvest and sell them, but they also attract and host a whole world of pollinators. The fields really are alive with the music of bees buzzing from flower to flower. Above, the larkspur, wheat, and poppies are happily growing. Below, the godetias and sweet william are an are amazing electric color, and are blooming faster than we can harvest.