News from the Farm | March 17, 2014


The miraculous thing about nature is that no matter how thrown off us human beings may feel, she always comforts us with a remarkably accurate consistency. 


This winter, despite century record- breaking low rainfall, unheard of freezing temperatures in December, howling winds and record breaking high temperatures in January, our tulips and ranunculus bulbs are blooming right on schedule! How can they know when to emerge and send up their bold leaves when most of the “normal” signals and cues that we think of are off kilter? The magnificent purple lilac blooms with their breath taking perfumes are once again here right on time to herald in a gorgeous spring. One can only be humbled and awed by the force and power of the pulls on this cranking planet we call earth.

As one of the main flower tenders here on the farm, I am indeed humbled by these yearly floral miracles. Today we are picking and packing hundreds of bunches of flowers to send off to stores and restaurants that love our colorful arrays of mixed bouquets. Despite my not knowing if it is April or June, after over 30 years of growing and bunching flowers on this farm I honestly feel that Full Belly’s success with flowers is 90% nature driven, 10% human powered – nature sort of just does her thing!

This year the flowers take on a new meaning for me as we grow nearer to March 29th –the special wedding day for my daughter Hallie and her fiancé Diego Ochoa. For so many years we have been picking and bunching for hundreds of other peoples special life events and now it is our turn to do the flowers for her – our own daughter. As I envision her bridal bouquet made with all homegrown lilacs, ranunculus and bells of Ireland I must admit to getting a little teary eyed. I am so incredibly thankful for our flowers (and mother nature) for bringing such joy to her on her special day!

You may join in the flower fun and subscribe to our flower CSA for the season  (April 1st  through September 30th), or on a week to week basis if you prefer. You will be guaranteed a beautiful bouquet each week that follows the seasonality of the flowers. Spring bouquets will be a mix of bulbs, sweet Williams, snapdragons, godetias, larkspur and delphiniums, bells of Ireland, calendulas, sweet peas and more. The summer bouquets will be a dazzling array of sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, Asters, cosmos, cockscomb and many others too numerous to list here.

We are also happy to help with special occasion flowers (like weddings!) and bring joy to your families as well!

Bouquets are $7.50 each. Total cost of the season is $182 – save 50¢ per bouquet when you pay for all 26 weeks with one payment. Happy Spring!

— Dru Rivers

Dru has been our chief flower lady for the past 30 years. For questions about our flowers, please email Dru – or call 530-796-2214.