News From the Farm | June 20, 2016

It has been a busy week at Full Belly! Summer came a’knockin with full force and brought the arrival of melons, tomatoes (we picked our first heirlooms!), more peach varieties, plums, apricots, eggplant, cucumbers, and corn – hooray for summer flavors! For most of us at the farm, we hold off eating summertime fruits and vegetables until they are in season which makes this time of year especially mouthwatering. In addition to the new harvest, we also welcomed our first group of summer campers to the farm yesterday – eager youngsters who will spend the week working, playing, swimming, laughing, and farming. Their first task: to care for the 11 new piglets born less than 24 hours before their arrival. 


These little piglets are busy eating – and growing! Their mother, Blueberry, will provide milk for them for a little over a month before they start to eat Full Belly grains and veggies!

In addition to the new piglet life here at Full Belly, we are excited to welcome two new human baby additions at the end of this summer – Dru and Paul will become grandparents to two more farm babies! Becca (who recently got hitched to farm-kid Rye) and Hallie (who grew up at Full Belly and now oversees our educational programming) are due within a week of each other. A whole new generation of farmers is coming our way! 


This is the first baby for Rye and Becca, the second for Hallie and Diego, who are already chasing one little one around. 

Summertime brings heat, new life, exciting flavors, and extreme levels of exhaustion. Luckily for us, times are exciting as ever at Full Belly. Thank you for supporting our farm – we are ever grateful for our wonderful CSA family!

If you have any name suggestions for our new piglets, please let us know!

 — Hallie Ochoa