News from the Farm | July 7, 2014

We Love Our Customers! 

Summer has officially started at Full Belly Farm – as evidence by the truck loads of melons, tomatoes, beans, eggplant, and dark circles under the eyes of every farmer. Exhaustion is a common side effect of the summer months, which can, on occasion, lead to a grumpy farmer or two. Luckily, glee outweighed grumpiness last weekend as we had a surprise calf born on the farm. A handsome and dark red fellow, he was born late into the night on Independence Day, perhaps forced into the world a day early by the sound of firecrackers or a Piccolo Pete. 

Receiving feedback from our customers has never been easier than now, with the invention of social media. Just a few hours after the new calf was born, we posted a picture of him on both Instagram and Facebook, asking for name suggestions. The below photo and caption elicited the following responses: 














Baby boy calf born late into the night on Independence Day. We are thinking of calling him Firecracker. Any other suggestions?

– Pyro

– Finale

– Uncle Sam

– Indy or Sparkle. Fireworks are made in China, so that type of name does not work as far as Independence goes (we are not independent from China). He is a cutie, whatever you call him! 

– Red White n Moo!

– Perfect! Especially his sassy red color! 

– Independence 

– Smokey

– I really like the name Firecracker…

– Nanny State

– Bottle Rocket

– Roman Candle

– Spirit

– Yolo

– Independence is great! Or Yankee, or Doodle, or Dandy! 🙂

– I like Sparky!!!! 

– Firecracker is perfect! 

– Lady Liberty 😀

– Hot Dog

– Indie

– Freedom….

– Unity 

– Jefferson, since he wrote the Declaration of Independence

– Lincoln

– Indy

– Revere — as in Paul Revere

– Jefferson

– My vote is for Independence or Doodle Dandy. 

– Sam

– Just don’t call him dinner! Sweet baby! 

– Freedom

– Boom

– George

– Uncle Sam

– Babylamb

– Yankee Doodle or Yankee

– Jeff

– I vote for Liberty.

– Spirit! I think that fits! 

– If you are going to use him as a breeding bull, you may consider ‘Cherry Bomb’ 🙂

– Sam

– Sparky or Rocket

– Fab4

– Thomas Jefferson

As we read these aloud in rapid fire this morning around the breakfast table, every farmer was in stitches. Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful suggestions – we haven’t yet settled on a name for our dear bull calf, but you will be (some) of the first to know when we do! 

We hope you enjoy your box this week – and thank you for making some grumpy old farmers laugh! 

— Hallie and Paul