News from the Farm | August 4, 2014

Letter of Appreciation from the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic 

Below is a letter from the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, who we have been working with for several years, providing produce to low-income women who are undergoing cancer treatment. This program is completely run by volunteers. At some of our CSA sites, if a box is not picked up or if you call in in advance to cancel your box, that box is then picked up and taken to the clinic. We love offering this service to the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, and they love receiving the produce. Thanks so much to those of you who choose to donate your boxes! 

Jenna Muller

Heartfelt Gratitude from the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic 

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic is a state Licensed Health Clinic providing free complementary alternative medical treatments to low-income women with cancer. For many of our clients, the weekly CSA Box donation might be the first time ever trying organic produce, or the only time she is afforded the luxury of taking home and preparing healthful, nutritional meals for herself.  

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic receives a bountiful weekly donation from Full Belly Farm. Penny Marienthal is a Clinic volunteer dedicated to providing nutritious produce to the clinic’s low-income clients with cancer. In Penny’s own healing journey with cancer, the importance of quality food was a priority. Penny felt that delivering cases of fresh produce to the clinic was something she could do to support other women with cancer in hopes of supporting their health, spirits and emotions in this process.


 “I do it week after week because it is a very pleasurable experience. Going through cancer is very upsetting. There is a tendency to become the focus of one’s own preoccupation and issues – finding a way to stay connected to others and life is the offering I could bring.” Penny likened picking up the donated stacks of green boxes of Full Belly produce as an exciting Christmas experience. “I can’t wait to see what’s in the box today!” Penny has dedicated over three and a half years delivering seasonal, organic healthy produce to the women at our Clinic. This beautiful produce is enjoyed by over fifty women a weekend who visit our clinic for alternative treatments who are undergoing cancer. 


We continue to need your support and your commitment to this work. Thank you for being a member of our community. With your help, we will continue to be the model we set out to be, and one day we hope to see this model replicated around the world. 

Because holistic medicine has the power to heal even when it cannot cure, no one at CMCC will ever have to hear: “there is nothing more we can do for you.”