News From the Farm | August 21, 2017

Full Belly Farm has hosted a number of photographers this summer.  I had the pleasure of walking around with a couple of Bay Area photographers one morning last week and realized (as I repeatedly do), what a picturesque place this Capay Valley is. On summer mornings at Full Belly, crews are spread out across the farm, picking crops.  The melon picking crew has carried tons of melons out of the field this summer and they manage to make it look like an art.  They know a lot about choosing only the best, and sometimes this includes taste testing them in the field… The flower crew keeps a laser focus year-round on planting, weeding, picking and drying our flowers. The fruit crew checks the figs, plums, peaches and other fruit, to estimate when it will be ripe.  The wonderful photos that we are sharing with you in this newsletter are courtesy of  Diana Rothery Photography